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What is Keyword Manager?

Keyword Manager is a software that is used to manage keywords and research target urls for your internet marketing tasks. The application allows you to organize keywords and targets by country n category and it also also allows you to scrape results from search engines and web pages.In short, through Keyword Manager's function and features, the software makes dealing with keywords and urls better, faster and easier. For Example, the software enables you to scrape results from search engines based on a list of keywords at the touch of a button, no more manually copy and pasting search engine results one by one, it doesn't get any easier than that.

Get More Done In Less Time

Productivity is central to Internet Marketing success, which means you have to be effective & efficient for a long period of time. Do you aspire to get more done in less time? Do you experience difficulty being productive on a consistent basis? As a famous internet marketer said, if you are serious in being an internet marketer, you must launch at least 5 campaigns a day, every single day. That means you have to be productive on a daily basis. Do you always wonder why you are struggling while others seem to achieve results effortlessly. It's because they use know how to use tools that leverage their productivity 10x. By using tools that automate their tasks, they can boost up their productivity 10x. Keyword-Manager helps you do just that. Imagine how much time and energy it takes to look up Alexa for hundreds of targets manually, Keyword Manager solves this problem by automating the retrieval of Alexa , now you can get the Alexa for hundreds of urls in minutes with the touch of a button n you can sort the, Keyword Manager can save you a lot time and energy , making you consistently productive in the long run. Being productive is one of the key factors that separates the successful from the unsuccessful.

How Keyword-Manager Works And What It Can Do For You

Keyword-Manager works by centralizing and automating the research process in a single app. Everyone of the tasks mentioned above takes up a lot of time and energy if you were to do them manually. Remember, your productivity depends on your ability to manage and maximize your results within the limited time and energy that you have, run out of any 1 of them and you will stop being productive. That's why it's essential to manage your time and energy very well to be consistently productive. This is where Keyword-Manager comes in to help you make your research Easier and Faster.

Traditionally, this is what you have to go through when you do a Url research:
1. Manually research a keyword using a keyword tool and copy & paste the results into Excel
2. Get Urls from Search Engines based on the keywords and manually scrape them 1 by 1
3. Manually reviewing them 1 by 1 and evaluating if the Url is approved.

This is a very slow and manual process, which requires you to use up a large amount of your time and energy

With Keyword Manager, now you:

1. Download and import keyword report from Google Keyword tool
2. Get Urls from Search Engines automatically
3. A very easy and pleasant way to review the urls like a checklist.

The Keyword Manager is a desktop application that helps you streamline your Url research process, making it a much easier and pleasant process. In short, Keyword-Manager is a must have tool for any PPV / SEO Marketer.

What You Get

Features: - Categorize and Centralize Keywords and Urls in a single app
- Automatically Scrape up to 10 pages deep in both Google Organic and Google Paid Results
- Exclude unwanted results
- Easy review and selection of results
- Retrieve Alexa Rankings automatically
- Functions to help you get a selection of keywords and url based on a specific criteria
(for ex keywords - volume, bid urls - Alexa ranking)
- Fast & Friendly Support
- Money Back Guarantee